27 Irresistible DFY Scripts

to master difficult client emails

Navigate the most challenging client situations with confidence and ease

ONLY £49.99

What you'll actually get

27 email scripts that follow all the stages of a client relationship.

  • How to send an invitation for a discovery call without sounding icky
  • How to answer the question: What’s your price?

  • How to follow up after a first call/meeting
  • How to do a mini-proposal (or a Statement of Work) over email?

  • Following up after a proposal
  • Following up with a revised proposal


• How to answer: Why are you more expensive?

• How to answer: What’s your hourly rate?

• How to answer: Why can’t I have more free revisions?


Welcoming a client on board


• How do you tell your clients their hours have finished?

• How to answer the “it will only take you 5 minutes”

• How to handle a client’s objections to your work


•How to tell your best esteemed client your prices have gone up this year



  • How to (graciously) request scope increase charges
  • How to (graciously) request money to fix work the client is not happy with
  • How to ask your clients for more projects



  • How to (graciously) request to be paid on time



  • How to (graciously) break up with a client
  • How to say NO to a client without ruining your relationship
  • How to say NO to a client whose budget is too small for the project requested
  • How to say NO to a friend who wants your services for free



  • How to request testimonials
  • How to request a refferal


This is how you probably felt when that hot lead emailed you asking “So, what’s your price?”. But 3 hours later you put together an email that you were sure it was loud and clear. 

The answer? Crickets…

  • If you too are struggling with answering difficult client emails
  • If you’re wasting way too much time answering one single email
  • If you’re scared that after you press SEND you’ve just lost a lead

You are not alone!

You are not alone!

4-5 hours




The average entrepreneur spends 4-5 hours weekly on client emails!

Every day I spend about 2h on my email. Some of it is back and forth, but the worst ones are about pricing, aftercare or answering questions. Having some email templates is a god-send! I think it saves me about 5 or 6 hours every week and it leaves the client with a very good impression.


Did you see that? That’s 5 hours of time saved every week! And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do for you too with 27 easy to use email templates.

Because handling difficult conversations over email is part of running a business. And the way you do it is part of the brand experience you want to create.


This product is perfect because it’s the most time-saving, hassle-free, strategic way to navigate challenging client situations with confidence and ease. You will…

Never get ghosted after a proposal

Feel comfortable to say NO

Negotiate smoothly

Get new business out of an old client

Get paid on time

Feel confident to raise your prices

Leave that to dating only

No more compromising on who you are!

Learn the art of being diplomatic with your interest at heart

No more leaving money on the table

Get back your hard-earned money, with grace and confidence

You work hard, you deserve more


You won’t just get the templates that make your life easy with copy/paste, but also the reasoning behind every email. This is NOT just a plug-and-play content resource. It’s actually a strategic thinking solution! 

We wanted to equip you with CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and the right LANGUAGE to handle difficult situations even beyond email. By understanding the reasoning, you will be able to use these scripts just as well in a phone call, face-to-face, or in a scary group meeting.

This is perfect for
you if you are…


27 Irresistible DFY Scripts

to master difficult client emails

less stress

more money

more time

27 DFY email templates for difficult clients

ARE YOU READY TO navigate the most challenging client situations with confidence and ease?

How would it feel...

What you'll actually get

The total value of this irresistible plug-and-play resource is £287, but this week only you can have it for a fraction of that, £49.99. Just remember this is a time limited-offer!

Hurry up before price goes up!


27 plug-and-play email templates you can just copy/paste. Add your own deets and voila: click send.


The reasoning behind every single email to understand the WHY and the HOW of tricky answers


The winning email with a magnetic proposal formula that clients never ignore


The client relationship journey with tips and guidance at every stage

Get this email makeover! It’s a game-changer!

ONLY  £49.99!

What others say…

But who are we to say so?

Glad you asked! We’re 3 female entrepreneurs (Corina, Alina & Beatrice) that came together under one mission: to empower ambitious business leaders to build a lasting brand legacy. We believe that branding is an experience and you shouldn’t overlook any aspect of it. Especially the client interaction. 

Our combined 20 years of experience in branding and marketing means we dealt with every single situation that we addressed in these templates. 

In our own business, these tried-and-tested formulas have:

  • Got us extra business AFTER a project ended
  • Got us replies with “love the proposal! When do we start?!”
  • Re-kindled a relationship we thought we lost forever 


But we didn’t take that for granted! So we went even further and collected answers and (scary!) stories from our own clients. All of this to design something that will really help you, the busy entrepreneur, stay on top of things and sound like a true CEO! 

The Orange Notebook

You got Q's.

We got A's!

YEP! If your business or brand is focused on your client, then it’s exactly what you need. This approach is applicable to any service-based niche.


It’s yours forever! You just need to download it and keep it safe!

As far as we are aware, there is no other product in this exact format! 

There’s no product that gives you client management strategy, at every stage of the relationship, with a focus on saving you time. 

Your payments will process securely through PayPal / Stripe. 

You will get an email to download your goodies: a PDF with all the strategy-talk and the reasoning behind every email and a Word document so that you can copy/paste everything you need with ease (copying from a PDF is a pain!). 

For support, questions or feedback, you can contact: hello@theorangenotebook.co.uk 

Okay, I'm sold!