Blissful Village

A hidden village, lush forests, hammocks, hideouts and campfires. Roaring mountain rivers, rustic scenery and freshly cut grass is what inspired this creative visual. The Romanian countryside was the hidden gem behind this humble, raw palette. With a unique vibe of peaceful countryside and lush greenery, this kit conveys an uncompromising brand identity for well-defined businesses. Your customers will feel welcomed and embrace the energy of life, abundance and nature forged in the undertones of your brand.


What’s included in the branding kit?
  • Visual identity elements (value £1500)
    ✔ Ready-made

    ✔ We customise it for you
      • Brand style guide to apply to your web design
      • 3 Logo suggestions to pick from
      • Colour palette
      • Brand font suite
      • Facebook & Instagram profile photos
      • Bonus: Instagram Highlights


What makes this branding kit special?

This green branding kit in earthy colours was inspired by a hidden village in a long-forgotten land. A land of lush forests, roaring mountain rivers and rustic scenery served as the colour palette. The Romanian countryside was the hidden gem behind this vibrant, lush green mood board.

As a branding product, it offers a unique process for your business to develop a strategic and creative brand.

Step 1.       You choose it

Step 2.       We customise it

Result: A strong, strategic brand ready to compete with any mature brands already on the market. The best part about it? You are in full control of it. When time comes to scale you can go back to the same model and use it again.

What type of business would fit green tones in its branding?

A deep green colour palette in branding is ideal for a sophisticated product or service. Darker shades of green are calm, conservative and traditionally masculine. They are also associated with wealth, abundance and nature. 

What does green branding mean for your customers?

These associations make this branding kit ideal to market organic, homemade, or even artisanal products. As a colour associated with nature, this green colour palette branding kit will help you showcase ethical, green consumerism and an authentic vibe to your customers.