Bohemian Noord

Still, calming water, quaint cafes, hipster pubs and bikes rolling on street-canals. The concept of unassuming freedom has never been better illustrated than in Amsterdam and this is what Bohemian Noord will convey to your customers. A brand that shows off as independent, with an air of retro-chic, but translated in clean and modern lines. It is an understated cool creative kit, for new age brands looking to appeal to multicultural young markets. Bohemian Noord suits a business that identifies with values of freedom, open-mindedness and social responsibility. Just like Amsterdam.


What’s included in the branding board?
  • Visual identity elements (value £1500)
    ✔ Ready-made

    ✔ We customise it for you
    • Brand style guide to apply to your web design
    • 3 Logo suggestions to pick from
    • Colour palette
    • Brand font suite
    • Facebook & Instagram profile photos
    • Bonus: Instagram Highlights
What makes this branding kit special?

This dark red, bohemian branding kit in warm colours was inspired by a trip to Amsterdam. Beautiful canal sights, dark hues and quaint cafes served as the colour palette. The city’s multiculturalism and love of freedom were the values that inspired us to create this warm, empowering branding kit. 

As a branding product, it offers a unique process for your business to develop a strategic and creative brand.

Step 1.       You choose it

Step 2.       We customise it

Result: A strong, strategic brand ready to compete with any mature brands already on the market. The best part about it? You are in full control of it. When time comes to scale you can go back to the same model and use it again.

What type of business would fit dark red tones in its branding ?

A dark red colour palette would be ideal for a brand looking to inspire security, freedom and empowerment for its customers. This is why the Bohemian Noord branding kit would suit a coaching business, a yoga, mindfulness or even fitness business. 

What does dark red branding mean for your customers?

The warm colours and the general retro-chic vibe of this kit does well to convey a safe, warm space that allows your customers to develop their natural independence. The subtle notion of empowerment means they will perceive your business as a source of strength and inspiration.