Frozen Paradise

Old viking tales, breathtaking views and lands untouched by man served as inspiration for this dazzling backdrop. Enchant your ideal customers with the Scandinavian art of cozy living, shaped in a branding identity that makes you want to come back for more. Aesthetic, stone-cut logo shapes, iced muted tones and bold typography will inspire confidence, safety and quality for your clients. This creative visual will suit a business with a taste for simple lines, minimalist decor and sustainable ethics.


What’s included in the branding board?
  • Visual identity elements (value £1500)
    ✔ Ready-made

    ✔ We customise it for you
    • Brand style guide to apply to your web design
    • 3 Logo suggestions to pick from
    • Colour palette
    • Brand font suite
    • Facebook & Instagram profile photos
    • Bonus: Instagram Highlights
What makes this branding kit special?

This Scandinavian branding kit in iced muted colours was inspired by summer trips to Sweden and Norway. Old viking tales, breathtaking views and lands untouched by man served as the colour palette. The Scandinavian simple elegance was the hidden gem behind this deep grey, elegant mood board. 

As a branding product, it offers a unique process for your business to develop a strategic and creative brand.

Step 1.       You choose it

Step 2.       We customise it

Result: A strong, strategic brand ready to compete with any mature brands already on the market. The best part about it? You are in full control of it. When time comes to scale you can go back to the same model and use it again.

What type of business would fit deep grey tones in its branding?

A deep grey colour palette in branding, with subtle notes of blue and green, conveys a classic, elegant and timeless feel. This look, often associated with a masculine presence is ideal for businesses that offer professional, trustworthy services such as those in financial, legal, accounting, medical or even cleaning sectors.

What does deep grey branding mean for your customers?

The grey colour associations make this Scandinavian-inspired branding kit ideal to market the notion of trust and security for your customers. They will perceive your brand as a safe haven for expertise and reliability, from a business with a passion for simple elegance.