Identity 360°™️ Program

Strategic consultancy and rebranding program for 7-figure businesses

This rebranding program is for businesses that…  

  • Have experienced fast growth and their website and social media no longer say the right things

  • Are looking to separate the owner’s image from the business entity

  • Are in a hiring spree and need to bring all their employees under the same cohesive brand

  • Are tapping into a new market and need a refresh of their identity and positioning


  • Are getting ready for investors and need an appealing brand image

  • Are looking to attract better talent or partnerships in line with their values

  • Are in the process of a merger or acquisition and need a new consistent identity to reflect the change

How can The Orange Notebook help?

The Orange Notebook is  the world’s first consultancy highly specialised in brand identity.

With over 15 years of experience in branding & marketing and a track record in delivering brand identity projects for clients across different countries, industries and size since starting The Orange Notebook, we have developed our very own Identity 360°™️ Program.

The Identity 360°™️ is the most complete brand consultancy program ever imagined to help successful, growing businesses achieve:

  • a clear and consistent brand image
  • internal and external identity
  • their very own core essence of “how to” – a prototype to create a replicable business in the future

Identity 360°™️ Program

A 6-month complete transformation service that leaves you with a clear business identity.

This is not a typical rebranding service. In fact, there’s nothing typical about the work we do or the client that benefits from this type of work…

  • We ask the difficult questions that no one dares to ask
  • We unite the common points that may have been present throughout your business culture, but never fully articulated
  • We help you define or refine your long-term business vision through our proprietary method
  • We help you craft your external business identity (how your business is presented in front of the world)
  • We help you express your internal business identity (your people and business culture)
  • We define your signature process as a potential prototype for replication with a view for scalability
  • We create or refine your visual identity



How the Identity 360°™️ Program works

Here’s what you’ll get:

Here’s how we’ll do it:

Step 1: Deep Identity Dive

As your business has evolved, we will take a deep dive to rediscover your new core identity and set your vision for the future

Step 2: Client Profiling & Customer Journey

Your client has evolved too; we will take an in-depth analysis of their psychographics and map out their customer journey

Step 3: Signature Offer & Proven Process

You have a way of doing business with clients. Can it be a replicable process? Let’s create your prototype!

Step 4: People – Business Match Analysis

Your business identity is defined and reflected by its people. We will explore how your employees fit the business structure

Step 5: Internal Brand Analysis

Your business has a way of doing things that creates impact in the world. Let’s take a closer look at the culture you want to cultivate and the operating principles that drive it

Step 6: New Brand Identity & Long-Term Vision

With everything mapped out, we connect the dots and create your new brand identity, long-term vision and visual assets



  • We take the guesswork out of your rebranding project. What does that mean to you? A lot less time and frustration in the process, ultimately less money spent!

  • Our work is at the foundation of “everything” in your business. Just like an alchemy process, we pull all these elements together to create the next elevation of your brand…. But YOU and your team get to see the magic!

  • At the end of the program you will have all your visuals ready for use. Our design team will be able to produce: logo changes, brand guidelines, collaterals, templates, proposal and pitch deck templates.

  • Our work leaves you & your team crystal clear on what the brand looks like, so everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet and embraces a unified vision for the business

  • This is not just a design project! You will gain a much deeper understanding of how to operate as a business, how to create a mission that rallies investors and the replicable model for your business. 




As part of our process we developed 3 cornerstone elements

  • The 360° External: External brand & USP elements. This is the point of origin for your positioning and messaging strategy

  • The 360° Internal: Internal brand guidelines and operating principles. The 360° Internal offers the consistent messaging and values that each representative of the brand should embody. It helps inform the employee handbook and the hiring process

  • The 360° Signature: Signature method and the key to prototype. The 360° Signature is a core piece of our program where it allows the public to develop clear expectations of your brand and enjoy this sense of security of knowing what to expect. It is a clear hallmark of a maturing brand.
We’ve been fully rebranding GHCO and looking to redesign the website to suit our new identity. We needed to reflect a young, vibrant fintech company on the rise. We also wanted to bring out a thriving culture and an inclusive workplace that inspired trust to future talent. The Orange Notebook captured this perfectly.
Head of Strategy, GHCO
The most important thing we’ve become aware of through this process is about value; the value we add to people’s lives. You asked questions that we would have never thought of asking ourselves. You were like translators of our brains. You were pulling the core concepts and ideas.
We chose The Orange Notebook to establish a trustworthy brand for the local car repair market. We wanted them to help us stand out from the crowd among independent car repair shops. Thank you for understanding the vision we had for this business and turning it into a real brand!


If you choose to embark on our Identity 360°™️

program, our promise is that you will always benefit from…

  • A wide range of psychology resources and tools, mindset reframing techniques and a coaching approach to challenge your perspectives and guide you in the process


  • 2 experts guiding you in every session which means different views, on the spot insights, more powerful questions and more active listening


  • A completely kind, accepting and free-of-judgement space to allow such intimate work to take place


We empower committed business leaders

To change the course of their business for good

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The traditional brand redesign elements such as guidelines, logo changes, collateral designs and templates will be created by our design team during the course of our program, so that you can have beautiful and on-brand assets. However web redesign and content refresh are different services that we are happy to add on should you choose to.

Of course! Drop us an email at and we can send you a private copy of a case study that contains images of a final rebrand. We can even facilitate brief calls with our amazing clients.

 If by the end of our project, you are unhappy with our engagement and have evidence that the terms of our agreement have not been upheld by our team, we promise you a refund. 

Yes, we will send a contract and an agreement document. Essentially, a more accessible way to understand what we agree for our partnership

No problem! We understand cash flow concerns, that’s why we offer the option of monthly payment instalments. However as a small business, we require all invoices be settled at the start of each month so that we can continue to pay our team and deliver your project on the agreed timeline.

The sessions are the key to your brand identity. That’s why this is not a simple rebanding service, whereby an agency takes a shot in the dark at creating your identity and after numerous reiterations, back and forth, stress, frustration and an ever-expanding scope of engagement they leave you with a rebrand that may or may not be what you wanted. The Identity 360° Program is about creating an identity that will align your team and attract the right clients that fit your brand!

That’s what makes our Identity 360° program so unique. It’s not just a design project. It’s a strategic brand redevelopment that looks in depth at every aspect that constitutes your business, including your design assets

You can check our case studies for more details, but our clients describe our work as “intimate”, “deeply meaningful”, and not afraid of “asking the hard questions”. For most of our clients, the effects have been therapeutic, while others experienced deep insights and mindset shifts that transformed their business.