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High-level identity expertise and rebrand strategy done differently!

Our industry’s rebranding model has always been a shot in the dark. It cost clients a lot of money and a lot of trust. The results have always been a mixed bag.

We figured there’s a better way!

We blend high-level business strategy with brand identity, client psychology and mindset coaching to take the guesswork out of any rebranding project.

In the process we change people and businesses for the better. 


The businesses that get results from working with us are...

  • Ambitious and unafraid to dream big –  You never settle for good enough. You always focus on bigger and better


  • Committed to putting in the work –  When it comes to working together, you are ready to put in the work to achieve your goals


  • Open-minded with a desire to learn – You have an always-learning mindset and you’ve never run your business based on “I know better”


  • Integrity comes first – It’s not just about making money. You care about the impact your business is making on the world

Does this sound like you? Then let's have a chat!


Identity 360°™️ Program

Strategic consultancy and rebranding program for 7-figure businesses

The Identity 360°™️ is the most complete brand consultancy program ever imagined to help successful, growing businesses achieve: a clear and consistent brand image, internal and external identity and their very own core essence of “how to” - a prototype to create a replicable business in the future


The values that guide our work


We don't give up

Even when things got ridiculously hard in our business, as a team we laughed or cried about it, but always bounced back with a fighting spirit. We bring the same spirit to our clients!


We are committed to self-growth

We have a deep commitment to self-growth. We’re always learning and throughout our partnership our clients are never short of learning and discovering about themselves


We see things through to completion

We always commit to seeing things through to completion; on a personal note it’s all about closure. Business wise, we value reliability and integrity and so does our team and clients.


We create the freedom for you to dream safely

Our dual delivery means we hold a balanced energy of realistic grounding, with the security to rise up, dream, envision and expand. We value and bring both dimensions to our projects!



We use emotional intelligence & psychotherapy tools

It’s human to experience mindset blocks and limiting beliefs and your business is your biggest growth lab. That’s why our sessions may sometimes feel like therapy


We don't take projects we don't believe in

If working together doesn’t make sense now, or even at all, we’ll say so. As a business we learnt that a clear “not the right fit” saves everyone more time and trust in the long run.


We empower committed business leaders

To change the course of their business for good

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C Section Coach

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