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Why would you need a brand checklist? Well, a strong brand takes time, patience and consistent work (we too struggle with the patience part!). It just feels like you take

… But first you have to learn it! As women we’re taught not to celebrate our achievements. If we do we’re arrogant, show-off idiots. We’re also taught not to speak

Let’s talk about converting referrals into clients... And the power branding and marketing hold over this process.

Let’s talk about how to create and apply your brand positioning.  It’s one of those things that is quite difficult to handle, but probably the one thing that if you

Recently, we shared with you on our social media our secret to more money and freedom: the client onboarding package. In this post, we’ll show you: #1 What does it

Your brand identity is the key that unlocks the success to your business. We will discuss the reasons why working on your brand identity will help your business grow and

Running a business means you always have to strike good deals with your clients and partners and these 6 negotiation tips will help you deal with it confidently. If you

Brand purpose is essential to your business survival. But when you start your own business, it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘how’ of it all: how to turn

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