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A successful business for over 14 years. An entrepreneur who dedicated her life to help small businesses achieve more. Yet, after a successful 1-2-1, converting leads was proving tricky...


Develop a clear brand identity, with a clear message and value proposition. Re-design a proposal and create a customisable template that can be easily adapted to each client, depending on the needs discussed in the 1-2-1.

When we met Becky we knew straight away she’s a wonderful entrepreneur who was looking to give great value to all her clients. That’s why it was essential to identify why, if the call was great, when the proposal was sent, it was a hit-and-miss game. Some would not answer, others would pick and choose from the list of options, instead of choosing one package that would be better suited for them. 

We started with the proposal to understand what the client was seeing. A few problems became apparent: 

  • The client had too many options to choose from, leading to something that in marketing psychology is called “analysis paralysis” or the Paradox of Choice, a term coined by psychologist Barry Schwartz. When people are presented with too many options it puts stress on the mind. 
  • The proposal listed out financial terms without explaining the jargon, talking about the need or the benefits of each. To anyone outside of the finance sector, it looked like a foreign language. Simply put, the proposal left clients confused.
  • Because the template was sent as a standard after the call, nothing was tailored to reflect the conversation with the client. 


Through the client’s eyes, the proposal meant extra work.

Brand marketing and proposal redesign for Accounting Solutions NY

This project helped me focus on client experience and now I am able to communicate my value more clearly and establish trust quicker.

Becky | Accounting Solutions NY


Once we conducted a thorough audit of the entire digital presence for Accounting Solutions NY, we realised the need for a clear and cohesive brand identity reflected in every aspect of the business.

  • We offered brand coaching to define the brand identity and align it with Becky’s mission and drive to help entrepreneurs with making the best business decisions.


  • We defined the brand elements and created a brand guideline to keep as a point of reference for any future collaterals, marketing materials or content. 


  • We re-structured the proposal, with clear pain points and benefits of her services, to make it easy for the client to understand and choose. We also suggested that during the course of the call she advised the client on the best-suited package for them.


  • Finally, we wanted to offer the proposal in a customisable format, so that everything can be tailored easily according to the client’s needs.
Proposal Rebrand Services for Accounting Solutions NY - slider before & after


Proposal Rebrand Services for Accounting Solutions NY - slider before & after


We reached out a few weeks after the project was completed to see how things were going:



I’ve incorporated many of the ideas we worked on; suggestions of the best fit package – it works every time! Also, once the engagement letter is signed, I send the brochure which spells out the next steps.

You guys were very attentive, listened well and offered a very interesting perspective!

Becky | Accounting Solutions NY

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