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An up-and-coming luxury home & business organising service with a highly affluent client base in the NY and Tri-state area, A Life Well Organized was expanding the team, gaining traction in the market. They needed a complete 360° look into their brand to showcase the newly achieved maturity....


A young, creative team was poised to hit the ground running for this fast-growing luxury studio on New York’s home organising scene. 

As a start-up, the founder’s vision and passion for people drove its initial success, but now this brand needed to find maturity and consistency for a fast execution as a “well organised” brand that inspires confidence and expertise to its clients. 


This project helped me focus on client experience and now I am able to communicate my value more clearly and establish trust quicker.

Kenny| Founder, A Life Well Organized NY


The best approach for A Life Well Organized’s growing pains was to put them through our Identity 360° program for a complete analysis and modelling of their new brand identity. 


“Identity work was helpful in just working from the inside out and figuring out how to reach people in a different way by getting to the crux of what we do (…) It’s also a checkpoint for what kind of culture we want to create here and the next steps to cultivate that moving forward”

Kenny, Founder


We developed the 3 cornerstone elements

  • The 360° External: External brand & USP elements


What quickly became apparent is that this small business had an incredibly strong identity and value proposition thanks to its founder’s clear intentions. Our next steps were to craft the brand’s full identity around it and to extract the brand’s value proposition. 


The 360° External is the point of origin for your positioning and messaging strategy.


  • The 360° Internal: Internal brand guidelines and operating principles


Our thorough method includes a deep dive into how things are done and what’s special about a brand’s processes. For ALWO a lot was driven around the strong set of values the business deployed intuitively. The result was to create clear operating principles and a set of non-negotiables that make it easy to hire and reward any future employees or contractors.


The 360° Internal offers the consistent messaging and values that each representative of the brand should embody. It helps inform the employee handbook and the hiring process. 


  • The 360° Signature: Signature method and the key to prototype 


Our proven process for determining the signature method, in essence the “how to” manual, provided ALWO with the unique method they employ in their business. This created structure around their processes and in turn, a more efficient delivery.  


The 360° Signature is a core piece of our program where it allows the public to develop clear expectations of your brand and enjoy this sense of security of knowing what to expect. It is a clear hallmark of a maturing brand.


In addition to the Identity 360° Program we also helped ALWO with creative copywriting for website content that perfectly illustrated the identity we had crafted. 


Speaking about tangible results that our work produced, ALWO mentioned that our Identity 360° process was the right ignition for speeding everything up and they were able to have creative content and website drafts completed within a couple of weeks. 


“I like to recommend you to the people that have hit a certain level of success and now they’re at a stage of looking at what’s next to create more stability and consistency around these results”

Kenny, Founder

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