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Perfumes. A competitive industry with established names. A market where unless you are different you won’t make a difference. One start-up decided that the quality of their products should speak for itself.


Showcasing product USPs through copy that harnesses the power of storytelling with the customer as the main character.

Candles & Oud is a newcomer to the cosmetics market. Established in 2020, it sought to make a name in the industry fast. They needed a very quick turnaround and product copywriting that would charm and convince customers. The quality of their products and the precious, oriental ingredients made it very easy to create the type of content that tells a story while providing clear benefits to customers. It was a pleasure to work with such a feel-good brand.

When we took the project on we understood time was of essence to meet the business goals. We set out to deliver an experience-focused content, through story-telling and holistic benefits, while setting our own record for delivery times. It was a fun project to work on.

ALINA | Head of Content | The Orange Notebook


After researching the market and understanding the best customer experience, we decided to go a step further beyond the functional description and set the scene for each product. Give the customer a “taste” of the fragrance experience and help them imagine the best use for each product.

For the brand’s proprietary lotions and oils, we chose to provide information about the holistic properties of the carefully selected ingredients.


By the end of the project, we were proud to deliver content worthy of a high-quality brand that will no doubt become a lasting household name!

ALINA | Head of Content | The Orange Notebook

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