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“You guys knew way ahead of me where I was going and subconsciously that just sat so well. But again I wasn’t ready for it (…) You know not many people would have pushed me to that limit that you guys pushed me to but I appreciate you did that because you could have had that very easy conversation with me and move right on.

It means a lot to me that you followed your intuition and followed through. Not many people would have!”



When we first met Sandra, she was in a project manager role and training to be a coach. She was struggling with a conflict of identity. She had no clear identity or a vision for where she wanted to take the business next. In a busy market full of coaches, this lack of clarity often leaves new coaches unsure of where to find their clients or how to reach their audience. 

In short, a conflict of identity and no clarity over your vision translates into no way to find clients.




The problem Sandra brought to us was that she would like to somehow combine project management with coaching, but in a coherent way that makes sense to her target audience.

We also noticed her online presence was divided, with a website that was split between her skillset in project management and her passion for coaching. In turn this meant, no desire to take action for her business.


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“I still hold your work very valuable because they were very tangible stuff. It’s just mentally I wasn’t ready to take the action”

Sandra L. 


Stage #1 

We identified that for the first stage of our work it was essential to clarify her brand identity.

At the same time, it was equally important that every session ended with a clear action for her to take. A small action plan to make sure the business keeps moving in the right direction.

“At the end of our calls there’s always an action to be taken. Like I knew why I was paying you. And you know on reflection, I think I was getting far more than what I was paying for. The value is just immense”

Working through our proprietary Brand Identity Essentials, we revealed the core element that united both the project management and the coaching and it came to represent the identity cornerstone for Sandra’s brand identity: helping busy founders take healthy control. That was a real A-HA moment! 


Stage #2

For the second stage of our work, we focused on reflecting the new identity online. So we helped her:

  • Create the right content for her website
  • Clarify the right marketing tactics for her brand
  • Present her social media profiles under this new identity
  • Create content for her social media 
  • Get paid for speaking engagements and find more events to show up


After this very clear and specific niching down, she delivered a few projects helping founders take healthy control of their business. Getting specific and clear was key to her starting out with her first clients


Stage #3

This is when she discovered the different route she wanted to take, this resulted in 3 major changes: 

  1. Refining the industry she wanted to serve – the insurance industry
  2. Pivoting into a new offer that was better suited to her
  3. Deciding to focus her online efforts into a podcast dedicated to women in the insurance industry


“Very important thing and a big distinguisher for you guys and others I worked with. I’ve lost money on loads of other stuff on this journey. And the reason why I lost it is because 90% of people out there tell you what you want to hear and they don’t listen, they just go through the motions. Whereas you guys break that cycle.”


Our identity work is always about creating clarity for founders to feel comfortable to take action, but also to direct their attention to what is next. We don’t create identities as fixed, rigid constructs, but as containers to allow for change, growth and adapting along the way.


By the end of our engagement Sandra felt truly clear and content about the new direction she wanted to take. And she was able to create a strong core offer for the insurance industry that easily positioned her as a thought leader in that space.


We also left her with a clear sales & marketing process and an outreach plan to refer back to as many times as needed. This led to very tangible results:

→ booking meetings with prominent figures in the insurance industry

→ getting recognised as a thought leader and paid as a keynote speaker 

→ outreach strategies that worked and conversations with her target audience

→ building a name for herself in this space.


“If you need someone that can genuinely get you as a person and not judge you or the crazy ideas you might have and make sense of your brain to turn it into a proper brand identity, you guys are the best for that!”

Sandra L.

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